[H-GEN] Setting up Kerberos

Sun Jan 6 22:34:30 EST 2002


> Is there anyone here who has set up a Kerberos server? From
> what I have read on the MIT website it appears that it still
> cannot be exported from the US but I'm sure some people are
> using it in Australia. Can someone tell me one way or the other
> please?

At The University of Queensland, they use Kerberos as a central
password store.  You should probably get in touch with them.
When I was working there, it was already setup.  Give my former
boss a call:

    Chris Teakle <c.teakle at its.uq.edu.au>
    Senior Supervising Systems Administrator
    Infrastructure Management
    Information Technology Services
    +61 7 3365 3690

> Also, how difficult did you find it to set up? Are there any
> pitfalls I should avoid?

One common pitfall is time syncronisation - if your clocks are
out Kerberos will reject the ticket as being a replay - I recall
when I was a Sysadmin at UQ and student.uq.edu.au was rejecting
logins for this reason.

Yours sincerely,

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