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Jason Henry Parker jasonp at uq.net.au
Sat Jan 5 23:39:52 EST 2002

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"Frank Brand" <fbrand at uq.net.au> writes:

> No you misunderstand...with a catastrophic failure both hard drives
> and the tape unit go (if they are in the same box)

This is why your tape unit would be on another host, or why you'd have
a second tape unit.

Also if the machine with the original data on it explodes, then you're
down for a day anyway, no matter how many disks you have, unless
you've got a replacement machine waiting for you.  And that's more
expensive than a second tape unit.

> I have no problem if people want to use tape, I just think current
> hard drives are cheap enuff and reliable enuff

Preserving bndwdth?

Tapes cost less than disks.  I doubt anyone is quite game enough to
buy a new disk every month just to be able to cycle out some other
disk so it can be taken off-site (for years, perhaps (hmm, a unused
two-year-old disk being regarded as trustworthy, I'd like to see
that)) and never used again.
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