[H-GEN] Tape Drives

Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Sat Jan 5 23:13:26 EST 2002

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No you misunderstand...with a catastrophic failure both hard drives and the
tape unit go (if they are in the same box) with a replaceable HDD you have
yesterdays on another HDD, with a tape drive you have yesterday's tape but
need a new tape deck...two IDE tape decks ~ $2700. My point about
catastrophe was that the back up drive needs to be in another box. Even RAID
will not protect against catastrophic failure if the drives are in the same

I have no problem if people want to use tape, I just think current hard
drives are cheap enuff and reliable enuff to provide a more cost effective
solution...the drives dont have to be replaceable that was merely another
possibility...they can be fixed. Pat can do the sums, judge the compromises.

>You contradict yourself later down when you talk about power failures
>destroying all the drives in a machine.

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