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Steven Lawrance steven at sia.net.au
Sat Jan 5 09:56:38 EST 2002

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Greetings all,

As much as I'd hate to see it all go, I have some things that are
just taking up far too much space.  (No time, new hobbies and a
girlfriend moving in to take up all available space (as they do
(nested brackets are cool)).)

The main thing is a Sun SPARCstation IPX (sun4c) with 16MB of RAM,
built-in cg6 framebuffer, Type 5c Sun keyboard and mouse, two
GDM-1962B monitors, a 2GB IBM HDD and the 200MB Sun HDD that came
with it... I should also have a network tranceiver somewhere.

I wouldn't be sure what price to put on it all, so, email me with
questions or offers...

I've also got two DECstation 5000/20s and some 486s free to whoever
wants them (before my father throws them somewhere).  The DECstations
have 8MB RAM, no HDD/floppy/keyboard/monitor/anything but I've had
NetBSD booting on them over the network, so they might be interesting
for someone to play with (powerful 20MHz MIPS!).  There's about four
486s and I have a whole bunch of cards (IDE, sound, video, network) I
could throw in...

As I live all the way out at Ipswich, I could possibly bring things
in to the next HUMBUG meeting to be looked at or whatever.

Steven Lawrance

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