[H-GEN] Tape Drives

Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Sat Jan 5 22:37:16 EST 2002

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>"Frank Brand" <fbrand at uq.net.au> writes:
>> I have had no problems with removable drives and been using them for
>> years.
>> I had a Dell recently that just would not accept
>> drives thru the adapter but would happily accept the same drive
>> plugged straight in.
>These two statements seem to be at odds.

Yes, they are ...what I should have said that, provided the box accepts it
at the start, I have not had long term problems.

>Individual tapes can be had for less than the cost of a new disk.  I
>shudder to think of how expensive it would be to buy a new disk every
>month as I made another `this tape/disk will never be written to
>again' backup.

Oh I think you are taking extremes here. I would not expect that HDD's
should be replaced on a monthly basis. A good 40 Mb type tape might cost
$50 -$75 (not sure I have not looked or bought one lately). A 40 Gb 5400 rpm
HDD might cost around $200 and i reckon you would throw tapes away more than
twice as often as HDD's. So even if you threw you HDD's away a lot more
regularly than I expect that you would then the drives still beat tapes as
consumables. If you save to a tape once each week and can have only 99
saves...that's only two years. 99 saves to a hard drive and it is nearly

Frank Brand

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