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Joel Michael joel at diggy.com.au
Sun Jun 25 21:35:14 EDT 2000

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There is currently a vacancy at Diggy for an Informix DBA/Programmer.  A
reasonably high level of SQL knowledge is required, with Informix
experience a definate advantage.  PERL skills are also recommended, but
not essential.  The position requires reasonably good communication
skills, as there is a lot of client work involved.

The development target is the Internet, and development tools include
the Informix Web Datablade and the Informix Excalibur text search
engine.  Projects will include client web sites, and
maintenance/upgrades on Diggy products.

The work environment is excellent - spacious and fun, a reasonably young
crowd, and beers down the pub at 3 every friday afternoon (for those on
a drivers licence that allows a blood alcohol level of more than 0, or
those taking public transport :-)

Any further questions can be directed to me, CVs can be emailed directly
to employment at diggy.com.au
Joel Michael
System Administrator
Diggy Internet Services  |   Ph: +61 7 3367 3555
90 Petrie Terrace        |   Fax: +61 7 3367 3544
Brisbane, Qld, 4000      |   Mob: 0401 039 462
Australia                |
"The system administrator is the god of the UNIX
system, so it's always a good thing to make friends
with your system administrator.  If you're working
in a corporate setting, the system administrator is
the person who sets up the system and makes sure it
runs properly.  They're the ones who can fix any
problems you may encounter, so your successful UNIX
experience may rely on their willingness to help
you."  -Teach Yourself Unix 4th Ed.
by Kevin Richard and Eric Foster-Johnson, pp.9.

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