[H-GEN] Steel Blue

Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Tue Jun 27 03:14:11 EDT 2000

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I thought I would share this with other Humbuggers and ask if anyone has
any experience with this programme?

I have been using Cold Fusion in development of dynamic web pages and I
find it an excellent development framework and extremely quick in
developing site. Only problem - the pages need to run on a proprietory
Cold Fusion Server ... cost about $2000 + for Win95/8, NT or Solaris
versions and about $1500 for the Linux version.

Steel Blue appears to be something quite similar although I have not
tried it out yet but it is Open Source, free software (Steel Blue
License). Versions are available for Red Hat 6.1 and Postgres, Red Hat
6.1 and MySQL, Solaris and Sybase and Windows with ODBC.

The URL is http://www.steelblue.com

Anyone used it / able to comment?

Frank Brand

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