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Russell Mathews russellm at maths.uq.edu.au
Sat Jun 3 01:14:11 EDT 2000

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HI People,
     I am interested in determining the actual procedure for
voice communication per the Internet; of actually doing it.
     I cannot do this by myself.  I am wanting details of
interest from any other members of HUMBUG.
     So far, I have installed a sound card and also a headset
with mic and headphones, which works well within themselves.
     I have also determined that the program "Speak Freely"
would seem to fit the bill.  It is free. Also, since there are
many fools who support Bill Gates, there is a Windows version,
which will communicate well with the Linux version.  There may
be other programs that are better, but I want to have
something working to start with.  
	I envisage that first, we have it working across our own digital
cabling, then try to communicate with someone (previously arranged) by
dial-up modem to us with our digital cable.  Then, maybe, dial up modem to
dial up modem.


Russell Mathews.

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