[H-GEN] A question of users and time.

Craig Eldershaw ce at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jun 2 11:38:00 EDT 2000

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>Is it possible for two users on the same machine to have different 
>timezones associated with their sessions.


>- User A in Brisbane runs on EST
>- User B in Perth runs on WST
>- Machine believes it is whatever.

Set the machine's timezone to whatever you like (but I strongly
suggest UTC (==GMT)).  The users never need to know what this actually

In User A's environment (.cshrc etc) set TZ to be Australia/Perth
In User B's environment (.cshrc etc) set TZ to be Australia/Brisbane


Heaven:/etc> date
Fri Jun  2 15:33:56 UTC 2000
Heaven:/etc> setenv TZ Australia/Perth
Heaven:/etc> date
Fri Jun  2 23:34:04 WST 2000
Heaven:/etc> setenv TZ Australia/Brisbane
Heaven:/etc> date
Sat Jun  3 01:34:12 EST 2000


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