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At the talk there were a few questions I said I would follow up.

Q: Are the specifications for the iPAQ H3600 itself open.
A: The specifications to the handheld device itself are not open, although
the specifications to the expansion bus is.  However the existing drivers
are well documented and should be a good starting point.
might also provide some useful information.

Q: How much is the iPAQ H3600?
A: As near as I can tell the price is about $500 US, (after searching the
net a little, may be possible to find cheaper).  I remember saying in the
talk that it was about $300 to $400 but this was widely optimistic. 

Q: Are the slides presented going to be on the web
A: This is a work in progress.  I might have more info next week.

and to help with searching, the device I presented, the H3600, is the US
localised version.  Searches for H3650 and H3630 may also give results.
They are all basically the same device with different regional set-ups,
(most likely power-supply, languages).  

And of course the main source of information on the Open Hand Held project
is at http://www.handhelds.org. 

I would appreciate if you could forward this information to the humbug
mailing list.



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