[H-GEN] Linux masq problem

John jboggon at optushome.com.au
Wed Jul 19 23:11:14 EDT 2000

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Does anyone have a solution or even suggestion to get around the
following problem?
Note: I'm still learning the mechanics of masquarading and TCP/IP so my
understanding of the problem could be incorrect.

Over the last 3 weeks I've needed to access some URLs where the hostname
resolves to multiple IP addresses. The machine I am accessing the site
from is behind a masquerading firewall. It seems that because the reply
comes from a different IP address than the outgoing request was sent to,
the connection is never established and eventually times out because the
masquerading kernel does not know where to forward the incoming packet

Is this practise of having a hostname resolve to multiple IP addresses a
new one, or have I failed to configure my kernel correctly? The firewall
is running Debian (frozen) with a custom 2.2.17pre-something kernel. One
of the sites I cannot access is 

I have verified that I can access this site from within QUT's network
and that other students using external ISP's can still access the site
with no problems (as could I until last Thursday).

John Boggon.

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