[H-GEN] Linux masq problem

Daniel Quinlan daniel at netwise.net.au
Wed Jul 19 23:55:41 EDT 2000

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On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 01:11:14PM +1000, John wrote:
> Over the last 3 weeks I've needed to access some URLs where the hostname
> resolves to multiple IP addresses. The machine I am accessing the site
> from is behind a masquerading firewall. It seems that because the reply
> comes from a different IP address than the outgoing request was sent to,
> the connection is never established and eventually times out because the
> masquerading kernel does not know where to forward the incoming packet
> to.

this isn't a fix for your problem but can you install a web proxy on the
box that does the ip masquerading?
or use an upstream web proxy?

btw, I've had trouble accessing QUT Virtual from outside QUT for a few days now
don't know what the problem is tho =(

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