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Daniel Quinlan daniel at netwise.net.au
Tue Jul 18 00:59:00 EDT 2000

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   I'm looking at rolling out 10+ linux boxen, each to a different site.
   each box will be acting as a firewall/proxy/mail server 

   I'd rather not set the passwords for the root and user account (there will
   only be one) to the same thing on every box.
   but if they're all different it makes it difficult for our field techs to
   be able to login without somehow carrying a list of passwords somehow

   I've setup a test password database using https/PHP3/MySQL but that just
   puts all the passwords behind a single password, which I'm still not
   all that happy with.

   has anyone covered this ground before?
   how do other sysadmin's handle passwords on large groups of *nix boxen 
   should we be looking at some sort of token based authentication instead?

   any help greatly appreciated

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