[H-GEN] linux box just went dead

James McPherson - Customer Technical Support Engineer James.McPherson at Aus.Sun.COM
Wed Apr 26 01:03:57 EDT 2000

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YH Tan wrote
> i've encountered this strange "phenomenon" recently on my 2-way linux (with
> redhat distri) box. 2-way, coz it's a gateway connect 2 networks, with some
> ipchains rules running. i usually left the box running overnite. seldom
> reboot unless i made changes to the sys conf that req'd rebooting.
> the strange thing was that the linux system just crashed for unknown reason
> to me. it's just posted a screen dump of this messages:
> CPU:0
> EIP:0010:[<c358fc20>]
> EFLAGS: 00010a86
> eax: 00000240   ebx: 00000240   ecx: 00000000  edx: b8660cf8
> esi: 000005a6   edi: c20d8db8   ebp: c20d8812  esp: c0217d28
> ds: 0018   es: 0018   ss: 0018
> Process swapper ...blah blah blah
> stack: ...blah blah blah...
> Call trace: [<c014b2f9>] .... blah blah blah
> This occurred to me a few times, i could do anything besides resetting the
> system. everytime, the string of nos. are different. except for the first
> few set of "Call trace" nos. which have some similarity pattern in the few
> occasions.
> i tried ping (from another system) to see if there's response, nope, it just
> went dead. Have anyone encountered this before? Please enlighten me if u've
> encountered anything like that. If u've some ideas or tots to help me
> rectify this strange phenomenon, pls pitch feel free to pitch in.

isn't there something about this in .../linux/Documentation/oops-tracing.txt ?

I think the basic way to fix it (apart from installing the SGI linux crash dump 
stuff which I think is still beta) is to 

a) install sysklogd at least 1.3-pl3 and activate its special features, or
b) cd /usr/src/linux/scripts/ksymoops
   make ksymoops
   ./ksymoops < the_oops.txt

where the_oops.txt is the oops message (complete and unadulterated) then send 
the output to whoever maintains the swapper code.

This is just from the .../linux/Documentation/oops-tracing.txt file btw.

That said, it's a pity you ain't got a sparc box ;| - I could give you a bit 
more help with that (and even more if you were running Solaris on it!)

James C. McPherson

Solution Centre Engineer              828 Pacific Highway 
Sun Microsystems Australia Pty Ltd    Gordon NSW 2072
             Support Helpline: 1-800-555-786

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