[H-GEN] Mandrake7.0 v FreeBSD4.0

Simon Robertson sijr at optusnet.com.au
Fri Apr 21 12:08:41 EDT 2000

My name is Simon, I belong to a six month old linux user group up here on the Sunshine Coast. There are only about six of us at the moment in this group, but out of these six minds we have narrowed it down to Mandrake as the most up-to-date distributor at the moment. The thing is though we have not explored unix, and I have noticed while Linux is waiting for the Kernel 2.4, Unix might be doing some catching up, like with FreeBSD version 4.0.
I am currently running Mandrake 7.0 and I was wondering if I purchased FreeBSD 4.0 how it would compare?  The general questions I have are, is the language & commands generally the same, does it recognise RPMS, can I install applications like StarOffice, Netscape & VMware, and would I be able to download/install any programs from other CDs or the Internet?
Also I current run KDE on Mandrake 7.0, would there be any changes in comparison to FreeBSD 4.0 KDE appearance or running? Lastly does FreeBSD run faster than Linux?
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