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Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Fri Apr 21 20:21:03 EDT 2000

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On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, you wrote:

Hi Simon, in the interests of getting you a quick and dirty reply I will
respond to this. I do not have such strong knowledge of FreeBSD so maybe you
might get more intelligent responses later.

> we have narrowed it down to Mandrake as the most up-to-date distributor at the moment. 

A while back this would have been true but more recently other up to date
distros have appeared. I believe both Caldera and Red Hat 6.2 (which has only
recently appeared) both include X 3.3.6  and kernel 2.2.14 so they are as up to
date as Mandrake 7.0.2.

What is "up to date" in Linux changes daily or hourly as new programmes and
updates emerge. If there is a significant development or problem often chages
or patches appear within hours. If you got Red Hat 6.2 today and in two weeks
time there is no guarantee the disks would be identical.

>The thing is though we have not explored unix, and I have noticed while Linux
>is waiting for the Kernel 2.4, Unix might be doing some catching up, like with.
>FreeBSD version 4.0.  I am currently running Mandrake 7.0 and I was wondering
>if I purchased FreeBSD 4.0 how it would compare?  The general questions I have
>are, is the language & commands generally the same,

Linux is a POSIX compatible UNIX type system....UNIX is a trade name and thus
Linux could not be called UNIX when it was developed (however, there has been
some talk of the group controlling the UNIX name to allow Linux to call itself
UNIX - whether Linuxers want this now is a moot point).

The commands are pretty standard even file systems nomenclatures tend to be
similar but not necessarily the file  systems themselves. However there are a
number of proprietory UNIX products (Solaris, SCO, IBM, HP etc) not just
FreeBSD and there are a number of proprietory ways of doing things. The
commercial UNIX people are converging into standard ways tho.

>does it recognise RPMS, 

RPMS are just a method of packaging programmes. These were developed by Red Hat
but made available freely. I have not looked if there is a FreeBSD version of
rpm but perhaps there is. There are other packaging methods you can use anyway.
The major question is whether there is a compatible version of the software you
want available.

My experience is that there is a fairly wide range of software available for
FreeBSD and it would be unlikely to be a problem. 

>can I install applications like StarOffice, Netscape & VMware, 

I have not seen a copy of StarOffice for BSD but maybe something can be done?

Netscape is OK I think. VMWare I dont know.

>and would I be able to download/install any programs from other CDs or the


> Also I current run KDE on Mandrake 7.0, would there be any changes
>in comparison to FreeBSD 4.0 KDE appearance or running? Lastly does FreeBSD run
>faster than Linux? 

I believe there is a version of KDE that runs on Free BSD but the way Free BSD
will look depends on your window manager you choose. 

Hope this is a help for you. As I said its a quick and dirty one...others might
be able to do better later.

Frank Brand
E-mail:- fbrand at uq.net.au
Home Page:-http://www.uq.net.au/~zzfbrand

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