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David Wood dwood at PIsoftware.com
Mon Apr 17 23:53:12 EDT 2000

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Hi all,

Jason has actually stopped work on the project management
tools because he's busy doing paying work :)

I'll put a copy of the script that I have in the near future.
As soon as I pull my head out^H^H^Habove water.

On Mon, Apr 17, 2000 at 02:20:55PM +1000, Clinton Roy wrote:
> i wouldn't actually mind a calendar type output.

Yes, that's a good idea.  Especially for resource scheduling.

BTW:  Chris Ryan recently hacked cal to support a few extra flags
to add spaces in columns and rows.  I use it to print expanded calendars
that can be marked up.  Anyone know who is mantaining cal??  We'd
like to submit the change but suspect that cal is unmaintained
since it hasn't changed in years.

> > Oh, and it has themes support 8^)
> please tell me you didn't actually put any effort into that :)

;^)  No real time needed.  I had to collect all the vars anyway, so
it took about 10 minutes to do it.  It is nice to be able to color
the Gantt charts according to a customer's style.

> >   - Pert charts;
> what the heck are these things again?

Pert charts show dependencies between tasks.  For example, task A
must be completed before task B starts.

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