[H-GEN] sound.... still

Sarah Hollings sez at powerup.com.au
Sat Apr 15 13:14:48 EDT 2000

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After much frigging about with my system, and I mean ***a very very
large amount of frigging*** I still cannot get sound working on this

The crux of it seems to be that sound is all there, but I just can't
tell the modconf program what the parameters are to make it sodding well

I constantly get the error from modconf:

"/lib/modules/2.2.14/sound.o: invalid parameter io"

There's a great howto with all this fab stuff about recompiling your
kernel.  But I have already (with the generous help of Jason Parker)
gone thru that and all I want to do is get the sodding modules to


3am - had enough.


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