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Clinton Roy latte at uq.net.au
Mon Apr 17 00:20:55 EDT 2000

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On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, David Wood wrote:

that last one was meant for chat.

> On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 08:50:06PM +1000, Clinton Roy wrote:
> > I'm looking for project management software, particularly experiences
> > that people have had with some. Obviously they have to run under a
> > Unix type OS (cause I certainly wouldn't mention anything else in a
> > post to general, or any humbug list for that matter).
> I'm working on one of these.  I've been trying to encode my project
> management knowledge to create a tool much like Clinton describes
> so that I don't get forced into M$ Project in the near future.
how odd, that's the same reason i'm looking into the area :)

> I'd love some help and discussion of the appropriate technologies
> and people's needs.  Anyone who wants to join in, please let me
> know and I'll start a Sourceforge project.
hrm. grumbling about sourceforge is a separate issue.

> If anyone would like to see what currently exists, I can put up
> a live copy on www.plugged.net.au to play with.
that'd be great :)

> So far, I've been prototyping in Perl with a CGI interface (since
> I normally end up publishing to the Web for our US customers).
> Eventually, I may need to move to a GTK or Java Swing GUI, but not
> yet.
different styles of output are good...
i wouldn't actually mind a calendar type output.

> Oh, and it has themes support 8^)
please tell me you didn't actually put any effort into that :)

> Each time a status report is created, a new 'snapshot' of the project
> is taken and saved.  That way, a history is kept.  This can be done
> in a much better way, but it hasn't been done yet.
almost sounds like aegis style configuration management

> Besides the reports being returned by the script (with navigational
> links in them), a standalone (static HTML) version is created for
> publication elsewhere.
> The plan is to add:
>   - Pert charts;
what the heck are these things again?

> In short, it is currently a specific tool for my specific needs, but
> it could be grown into a good Open Source project.  Any interest?
> > I'm currently looking at OpenSched[1]. What I like about it is that's
> > it's text input, LaTeX (amongst other things) output. This lets me
> > write report stuff like I usually do.
> ...
> > [1] http://www.vision.irl.cri.nz/~alan/opensched/
> I had a look at this.  It does a lot more than I do at the moment,
> especially in terms of scheduling.  I'll have to pull it down and 
> try it to see if it is worth contributing to or replacing.
it does output to a lot of stuff, i guess the fun/impossible thing to do
would be to get it doing stuff live.

gawd. do i really have enough hours in the day to help with this?
ask me in a week.
Clinton, who will check to addresses much more closely in future, Roy

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