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yh tan yh at techie.com
Mon Apr 17 22:04:14 EDT 2000

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hi all,

talking about compiling kernel, i'm also trying to compile linux 2.2.14
(plus USB patch) to get my linux box to use USB stuffs. any idea wat step
did i miss, coz at the end of it i get an error upon bootup something that
says "No input data". here's the steps i took,

$make menuconfig  #i choose the items i wanted
$make dep         #create dependency mods
$make modules_install
$make modules
$make bzImage

anything missing? *scratch head*

btw, is there any good linux kernel version(s) recommended with best USB

i've already got the appropriate usb linux drivers from the product


yanghwee tan <yh at techie.com>
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