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Jason McDonald jasonm at foxboro.com.au
Mon Apr 17 22:24:49 EDT 2000

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> talking about compiling kernel, i'm also trying to compile linux 2.2.14
> (plus USB patch) to get my linux box to use USB stuffs. any idea wat step
> did i miss, coz at the end of it i get an error upon bootup something that
> says "No input data". here's the steps i took,
> $make menuconfig  #i choose the items i wanted
> $make dep         #create dependency mods
> $make modules_install
> $make modules
> $make bzImage

Methinks you should do make modules before modules_install.  Other than
that, all looks fine, leaving the following possibilities.

1) You didn't boot from the kernel you just compiled, e.g. forgot to run
lilo, didn't copy the bzImage file to right place, etc.

2) You didn't load the module (if you compiled it as a module) you need
after booting.  To see which modules are presently running use "lsmod" as

3) You didn't configure the USB support before compiling.  Look in
/usr/src/linux/.config for the appropriate variable name, e.g. CONFIG_USB
(I've never compiled usb support so I'm guessig at the name, but you get
the idea) or rerun "make menuconfig".

4) The USB code may need to be given some startup parameters.  You can do
this using an "append" statement in lilo.conf or extra command line
options to insmod.  The documentation that came with the USB patch should
tell you if any parameters are required and what the likely values are.

5) Something else entirely....

If you still have no luck, try posting a sample of the error message (and
a few lines above and below to give us some context) to the list.

Good luck,

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