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Hilton Travis QuarkComputers at email.com
Sun Apr 16 23:47:26 EDT 2000

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Hi cjb,

> Bruce Campbell <bc at humbug.org.au> moved upon the face of the 'Net 
> and spake thusly:
> > So, is it (the current configuration, the explanations of the
> > configuration, the handholding required when people complaing that they
> > cannot post because of misinterpreting the configuration) worth the
> > hassle?  I'd like to think so[3].  If you have a better solution which
> > does not open the lists up to random spamming, please speak up.
> Given that I'm on some lists that *are* open to any spamming luser, I
> think the current closed state is good.

I agree.  Spam in a can is OK (in something), but in your Inbox
it just tastes FOUL and should be avoided at all times.

> The only alternative I could think of would be a self-moderation
> scheme (first post from a new address requires confirmation), as used
> by some newsfroups (eg. comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi).  Given
> that spam rarely has a valid return address, such a system would weed
> out the crap.  OTOH, it would generate the hassle of bounced
> confirmation mail, which would I suspect sway most BlistOFHs away from
> this course.

Take a look at mail.abuse.org to see some ways around this. The
MAPS RSS service looks like a good way to protect yourself from *some*
spammers.  As this list is updated dynamically, once an organization
cleans up their act, they are removed from this list, and mail can
once again flow freely.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

> On the gripping hand, how often does your average list get spammed
> anyhow?  The lists I hang out on?  Quarterly at worst.

Which is too often.  :-)


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