[H-GEN] JDK1.2.2 for Linux

James McPherson James.McPherson at Aus.Sun.COM
Thu Apr 13 13:25:57 EDT 2000

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> Thanks for the site. As im a wee bit of a newbie to Linux, Im rather
> confused when presented with so many different options.
> I noticed there were three dirs;
> 	i386
> 	ppc
> 	sparc
> I take it the one im looking for isnt in ppc or sparc. However in i386
> there is a rc3 and rc4 dir. Within these Dirs there are 3 or 4 files all
> relating to JDK1.2.2. and im rather confuzzled.Im trying to install it
> on RedHat 6.1. Any pointers as to which file I should grab would be much
> appreciated.

the RCx refers to "Release Candidate x" - basically the higher "x" is, the 
more recent it is, and hopefully, it has fewer bugs (or alternatively, 
more fixes for bugs than earlier RCs).

i386 - Intel 
ppc - PowerPC - IBM/Motorola/Apple
sparc - Sun's SPARC cpu.

James C. McPherson
(gee I love being on call.... not!)

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