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Joel Michael joel at diggy.com.au
Mon Apr 10 01:33:06 EDT 2000

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hi all,
I'm currently in a position to implement a new email server.  Any
suggestions as to what can achieve the following would be greatly

* must run on linux/i386 or (preferably not) Solaris 7/Sparc
* must handle "virtual" domains (eg, the server is named
foo.diggy.com.au, it must handle mail to person at bar.com.au)
* must handle forwarding, aliasing and pop'ing/imap'ing for all virtual
* must scale well (470 domains with _at least_ 2 accounts in each)

what I was thinking was to use sendmail 8.10, a pam-enabled pop3 daemon,
and pam_ldap.  create accounts in the LDAP for each user that mail is
delivered to in the form of user.domain, and have sendmail look up the
LDAP for the user's virtual address -> username mapping.

failing that, I would have users in a similar manner as above using the
system password file (shell being /bin/true, of course :), but use a
sendmail virtualusers file to map address -> username.

in an ideal world without such things as costs of hardware and software
I would get the current Netscape messaging server, which does EXACTLY
what I want.  of course, this is the absolute last resort...

any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Joel Michael
System Administrator

Diggy Internet Services
90 Petrie Terrace
Brisbane Qld 4000

Ph: +61 7 3367 3555
Fax: +61 7 3367 3544
Mob: 0401 039 462

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