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Hilton Travis QuarkComputers at email.com
Sun Apr 9 23:55:37 EDT 2000

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Hi Luke,

> > I have been trying to set up my Linux box to process my mail.
> > I want to use fetchmail to suck mail from my ISP and then have
> > Outlook (on my main machine) connect to my Linux box to both
> > send and receive mail.  I have managed to struggle through
> > most of the sendmail info I have found, but cannot get it to
> > accept a connectin from Outlook to send mail through it.
> >
> > My network setup is as follows:
> >
> >  modem  - galahad.quark-au.com.local - albatross.quark-au.com.local
> > 56kbps  - Mandrake 7.0.2, 2.2.14     - MS Windoze 2000 Pro, Outlook 2000
> > dynamic -              -
> >
> > galahad.quark-au.com.local is also known as news, ns1 and mail
> >
> > I have got DNS (named) and sendmail running on galahad.  When albatross
> > connects to galahad to send mail, albatross reports that "Your
> > SMTP server has not responded in 60 seconds".  As soon as Outlook
> > (albatross) attempts to send mail via mail.quark-au.com.local (galahad)
> > I get the following error in /var/log/messages:
> > galahad named[18159]: sysquery: findns error (NXDOMAIN) on
> > galahad.100.168.192.in-addr.arpa?
> >
> > I *thought* my DNS was set up correctly - obviously I screwed
> > something up.  I get the same error as above when I try to lookup
> > an IP with nslookup on the Windows box (albatross).  I have no idea
> > what this NXDOMAIN error is.
> >
> > Any help would be appreciated.  I really want to get this sendmail
> > thing figured out, and I think it has something to do with me
> > screwing up the DNS.

> Firstly i would test that sendmail is running properly. If you ps auwx
> |grep sendmail, some distributions of sendmail will tell you if they are
> accepting connections on port 25. If this doesn't help try telnetting to
> port 25. If this is not up then start again....sendmail is not working.
> once you have port 25 up...test port 110. If both of these are up then try
> setting your email app to look to the IP rather the domain name.

Well, I had noticed that ps -eaf | grep sendmail had said "accepting
connections", and ps auwx says "sendmail: accepting connections on port 25".
I tried to telnet to 25 and I get no connection - looks like I
have screwed up sendmail as well as my DNS!

I'll have another look at my galahad.mc file - I'll post it if I can't work
it out.

Thanks for your help so far,


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