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Christopher Biggs chris at stallion.oz.au
Thu Apr 6 00:41:43 EDT 2000

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Sarah Hollings <sez at powerup.com.au> moved upon the face of the 'Net and spake thusly:
> I'm having problems with my new HD install.  I'm beginning to think the
> 2nd IDE jumper on my m/b has gone, but maybe its something else.  It
> seems bizarre that that could go and IDE1 be OK.  Can anyone think of
> anything?

You did enable the second IDE controller in  the BIOS, right?

And the interrupt used by the second IDE channel is availalbe to the
motherboard PCI-IDE bridge (i.e. not marked as "legacy ISA" in your

(Personally, I wouldn't be worried if the bios does not detect it.
The question is, does the *OS* detect it?  I have (oldish) pentium
sytems where the bios has trouble probing the second IDE channel).


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