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Sarah Hollings sez at powerup.com.au
Thu Apr 6 16:07:03 EDT 2000

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I'm having problems with my new HD install.  I'm beginning to think the
2nd IDE jumper on my m/b has gone, but maybe its something else.  It
seems bizarre that that could go and IDE1 be OK.  Can anyone think of

Symptoms are:  
I have an old P133 with on board IDE.  When I have the new HD I just
bought jumpered as Master (or slave) and my old HD as Slave (or master)
and set up on the same IDE1 ribbon cable the bios sees them and
auto-detects them as Primary Master and Primary Slave and my two disks
look just great.  But then the PnP bios can't see my CD on the other
IDE2 ribbon cable (no matter what I set the jumper to, or whether I have
it on the end connector or 1/2 way along).

If I put the old HD (or the new) as Master and the CD rom as slave on
IDE1 and the new HD (or the old) as Master on IDE2, the bios autodetects
only the old HD (or the new) on IDE1 and the new HD (or the old) on IDE2
is, like, not there.  But the PnP can then see my CD drive.

I have broken all my nails off, and frazzled my nerves to pieces
changing everything round every which way, and it is driving me up the

What I'm planning to do is install the new drive and just have the old
one sitting in there doing nothing, until I can come up with something. 
I guess I could take it into the shop.... grrrr....
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