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 I am led to believe that the scroll button has been supported since x ver 3.3.2

>From the SuSE Info Database


Microsoft Intellimouse

Applies to

SuSE Linux: Versions since 5.2
XFree86: Version 3.3.2


Some new mice have a small wheel that can be used to access additional functionality. These mice cannot be used in conjunction with the delivered standard driver of
XFree86. The pointer is stuck to one corner of the screen. 


These mice use the Microsoft protocol 2.1A . 


Use gpm ! 

At least version 1.13 of gpm is required . 


gpm -t pnp -R

Instead of the link 


you should use the FIFO 


as input device for the X-window system. I.e., when being asked by XF86Setup or xf86config, which input device should be used for the mouse, answer with
/dev/gpmdata instead of /dev/mouse. 

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