Microsoft lost - what now ?

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As many of you have probably already read on Slashdot, Microsoft
Corporation has lost their anti-trust case.  A few quotes...

    As part of its grand strategy to protect the applications
    barrier, Microsoft employed an array of tactics designed
    to maximize the difficulty with which applications written
    in Java could be ported from Windows to other platforms,
    and vice versa.

    Microsoft then induced developers to use its implementation
    of Java rather than Sun-compliant ones.

    These actions cannot be described as competition on the
    merits, and they did not benefit consumers.

	Section I.A.2.b.,

    only when ... viewed, as they should be, as a single,
    well-coordinated course of action does the full extent of
    the violence that Microsoft has done to the competitive
    process reveal itself.

    In essence, Microsoft mounted a deliberate assault upon
    entrepreneurial efforts that, left to rise or fall on
    their own merits, could well have enabled the introduction
    of competition...

    More broadly, Microsoft's anticompetitive actions trammeled
    the competitive process through which the computer software
    industry generally stimulates innovation and conduces to
    the optimum benefit of consumers.

	Section I.A.2.c.,

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia
said all that - anyone willing to guess what will happen next?

Yours sincerely,

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