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Tue Apr 4 01:08:12 EDT 2000

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As many of you already know, I have a new job.  As a result of this my
current position will be vacant in a couple of weeks.  We therefore
urgently need someone with experience in Motif, C, and preferably
Scientific Visualisation (which means OpenGL/OpenInventor).  Math's and
Chemistry will be very useful, but is not essential.  Position is
currently HEW Lvl 6 general staff on St Lucia ($40-$43k), although that is

My future employer has also asked me to forward an urgent job
vacancy.  Full-time professional java programmer required for work on a
major Geological GIS project.  Must have commercial java
experience.  $45-$65 contingent on experience.

Anyone interested in either job should contact me for further job and
contact details.

Andrae Muys

Andrae Muys <andrae at humbug.org.au> "Never ascribe to malice that which is
Senior IT Officer                   adequately explained by incompetence."
The Centre for Magnetic Resonance                   -Napoleon Bonaparte
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