[H-GEN] Software Engineering Job vacancy - Foxboro

Ben Carlyle benc at foxboro.com.au
Tue Apr 4 00:01:45 EDT 2000

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Hey, ho.

Now that I'm back from my three week trip to Hong Kong to keep an
eye on our system that runs the power control for the MTR train
system, I have a job advertisment to distribute.  The details are
a little vauge at the moment, except that the role is as a "software
engineer".  My manager, Greg, is eager to take on new perminant
staff for the environmental control system (air conditioning, etc)
again for MTR, which is due to be finished sometime towards the end
of the year.

If you're interested in full-time work and perminant employment at
our little company then feel free to come forward.  It's
UNIX-related because we deliver Sun machines, but is otherwise more
C++, etc, related.  It's likely that the successful applicant will
take over my current position as the build manager, in control of
configuration management issues, the makefile system, and some other
sysadmin-like roles as well as development... but take heart.
It doesn't have to last forever :)

Here are the details if you're interested:

Working hours:    Full time
Position type:    Perminant
Pay:              Negotiable
Location:         42 McKetchnie Drive, Eight Mile Plains
Reception tel:    (07) 33402111
Ask for:          Greg Birnie
In reference to:  The software engineering position, as advertised by
                  me, Benjamin Carlyle.
email:            Greg Birnie <greg at foxboro.com.au>

If you send a resume via email, please also let Greg or I know by
phone.  Ask for me on the reception number.

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