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Mike Andrew mikero at norfolk.nf
Mon Apr 3 03:15:33 EDT 2000

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On Mon, 03 Apr 2000, Reg Voss wrote:
> Remembering that I am a GOF [geriatric old fart] and on a pension, what
> would be a better card to install to replace the SiS, just so I can get
> Linux up and running, then maybe I can learn to tweak the system and install
> upgrades etc.

Ok. Avoid S3 anything for the moment. They are good cards, but the trio 3D /2X
has another issue where linux get's confused and thinks that the AGP card is an
old vesa 486 model.

the price range you're at at the moment with sis/s3 is $40, you need to step up
to around the $60 to $120 mark to get a 'good' card. I would suggest something
like a Riva -128 with 8meg. There's nothing special about it, but linux knows
that card well.

Or, depending on what you want to do or have done with your computer, you
might consider biting the bullet and purchasing the $200 + range.

Voodoo anything is supported (2,3 and banshee)

Riva TNT is excellent.

GeForce is currently the best card out there, The drivers for it on both linux
and windows have not been perfected yet, but it's top of the range and
_possibly_ worth the money.

If you have a 'friendly' computer shop, explain your problem to them, and ask
for a series of cards to try. Buy one, if it doesn't work, they'll swap it for
something else or they're not worth dealing with. They'll be as interested as
you are to see what does actually do the job for you. Once they understand they
can't sell you the latest 'n greatest whizzbang, they'll probably show some
interest in the technical side of this.

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