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Raymond Smith raymond at humbug.org.au
Mon Sep 6 08:13:38 EDT 2004

caliburn has now been up long enough that we are confident that we 
have some idea what happened.

As previously reported, hdb on caliburn has died. When the box was
power cycled the fact that there are non-RAID swap partitions was
forgotten. Therefore, as soon as the machine hit swap on hdb it died.
We have since rebooted the machine and switched off swap on hdb. So
far so good.

We are planning an outage for caliburn to replace the broken drive.
We plan to remove the box on the afternoon of Friday 24 September,
and refit it on the morning of Monday 27 September. This will allow
us to work on the box during the 25 September AGM. We will try to
provide more exact times closer to the date.

Robert Stanford has kindly donated two 80Gb drives, a PCI IDE
controller, and IDE cables to help with the repairs. Many thanks


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