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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:16:04 +1000
From: Gary Gaskell <gary.gaskell at member.sage-au.org.au>
To: qauug at auug.org.au
Subject: Qld 1 day technical conference - call for participation

AUUG Queensland Chapter
2001 Chapter Technical Conference
Thursday 3 May, 2001

Preliminary Announcement and Call for

The AUUG chapter conference series provides a
forum for discussion of technical issues and
developments relating to UNIX and all aspects of
open systems. The AUUG Queensland Chapter
Technical Conference will be a one-day conference,
to be held from 8:30am on Thursday, 3 May 2001,
at the Auditorium of the Primary Industries
Department, Ann St, Brisbane.

The intended format is a number of presentations to
an audience of people interested in the technical
aspects of UNIX, Linux, open source and/or open
systems applications and system administration.

Call for Presentations/Papers:

Authors are invited to submit abstracts presenting
new or interesting results of current research,
development, porting, implementation or systems
management experience. This includes
submissions on any topic relating to technical
issues of UNIX, Linux/FreeNIX, open source,
development, networking, security, and open
systems in the widest sense.

Speaker Incentives:

Presenters are afforded free conference
registration.  Limited funding is available to
interstate and remote Queensland speakers to
assist with travel expenses.

Form of Submissions:

Please submit an abstract together with an outline.
The outline should contain enough detail to allow
the programme committee to make a reasoned
decision about the final presentation.  An abstract
should include:

1. Author names(s), postal addresses, telephone
numbers, fax and e-mail addresses.
2. A biographical sketch not to exceed 100 words.
3. Abstract: 100 words.
4. Audio-visual requirements: Please indicate your
requirements for overhead projector or
video/computer equipment.


Authors whose submissions are accepted are
asked to provide a presentation
in some machine readable format which can be
converted to HTML or PDF.  A formal
paper is not required, but would still be welcome.
Copies of presentations
will be made available on the WWW after the

Relevant Dates:

Abstract or outlines due: 30 March 2001


Please submit hard copy or electronic copy
(preferred) of abstracts and outlines to:

Queensland AUUG Executive
Email: 	qauug-exec at auug.org.au

Organising Committee:

David McCullough - Lineo
Gary Gaskell – Bank of Queensland
Duncan Unwin - QSI
Stuart Remphrey - Sun Microsystems
Mark White – Red Hat

For enquiries on conference registration,
accommodation arrangements, promotion, venue
and other matters not relating to the submission of
papers, contact the QAUUG committee on qauug-
exec at auug.org.au.

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