[H-ADMIN] sysadmin has reappeared in http://lists.humbug.org.au/mailman/listinfo

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Sun Nov 13 00:19:59 EST 2016

On Sun, 2016-11-13 at 14:13 +1000, Russell Stuart wrote:
> opendkim-testmsg says the email I am responding to fails DKIM
> checks. But I've just checked humbug's DKIM signatures and they pass
> the online tools available.

Every dkim cli I try says messages from humbug fail.  Every mail I have
access to says they are fine in their logs.  I plumping for them being
fine, but MUA is mangling them somehow so the copy I save fails.

Update: I trapped a copy before my MUA go it's grubby little hands on
it, and the cli tools say they are fine now.

> However there is a Google one in there too.

The person who wrote the is an idiot, or perhaps effected by the heat. 
There is an X-Google-DKIM header, which clearly is NOT a real DKIM
signature.  So mailman is indeed stripping what it should.

The last SPAM I received from excalibur was on the 22/10.  So AFAICT,
it's all good.  Google is just being a prick for now, but I would
expect it to take at least a month.

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