[H-ADMIN] Code of Conduct ready for review

Greg Black gjb at yaxom.com
Tue Nov 15 01:13:11 EST 2016

Hi Joel and Clinton,

Sorry about spamming you with extra copies of this, but I'm not sure what
the status of the lists is at present. So one copy direct for each of you
and one to admin for the records.

I've created a new Github repo:

The draft Code of Conduct is in there. If you can be bothered to look at
the commits, you'll see the original Markdown version from LA, followed by
a syntax conversion to Moin, followed by my minimal first cut at a Humbug
version. I'm inclined to leave it at that, despite some references to
events that we might not need, as that just makes it easier to see its

If you guys want to do more, feel free. But try to keep it in a form that
we can just paste into Moin when it's ready to go.

Cheers, Greg
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