[H-ADMIN] sysadmin has reappeared in http://lists.humbug.org.au/mailman/listinfo

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Sat Nov 12 23:13:40 EST 2016

On Sun, 2016-11-13 at 03:30 +0000, Clinton Roy wrote:
> Probably us trying to turn moderation on for all mailing lists at a
> guess.
> We were doing that to try to stop google from unsubscribing people,
> but we lost close to thirty people last night. We really need to fix
> this.

opendkim-testmsg says the email I am responding to fails DKIM checks. 
But I've just checked humbug's DKIM signatures and they pass the online
tools available.

However there is a Google one in there too.  That's not so good.  It's
probably failing.  I thought I asked mailman to strip other DKIM
signatures before re-sending.  In fact, I _have_ done that because
'REMOVE_DKIM_HEADERS = Yes' appears in /etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py.  But is
isn't being stripped.

I'm going to send a few debugging emails to sasig to figure out why.

On 13 November 2016 at 04:46, Clinton Roy <clinton.roy at gmail.com>
>> So we've lost near thirty gmail accounts last night :|
> Eek. So where is that information?

In clinton's inbox, and /var/log/mailman/subscribe.  It's in clinton's
inbox because bounce unsubscriptions are sent to the List
Administrator, the List Administrator is list-admin at humbug.org.au, list
-admin at humbug.org.au is aliased to secretary at humbug.org.au in

The logs go back to 2015, so you could re-subscribe auto-unsubscribed
people if you wish.

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