[H-ADMIN] FW: WB/IT&EESCHL/Humbug Computer Club

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Sun Dec 20 22:06:58 EST 2015

On Mon, 2015-12-21 at 02:37 +0000, Lou Wheeler wrote:
> TSM who look after University rooms are clamping down on usage due to
> damage by user groups.  Please refer to their message below to see if
> it will work for you.

Thanks for the reply Lou.

If I'm reading the prices correctly even at a 50% discount, Humbug's
current booking would cost the club around $5000/yr, and we would need
to get public liability insurance.  Humbug's current income is $500/yr,
so that isn't possible for us.

The message below hints at way out - somehow becoming "affiliated with
UQ".  I don't have a clue if or how we could do that right now, so it is
going to take some time to explore.

Could you suggest anybody within ITEE that could give us some advice?

> From: Room Bookings 
> Sent: Monday, 21 December 2015 10:59 AM
> To: Lou Wheeler <m.wheeler1 at uq.edu.au>
> Subject: WB/IT&EESCHL/Humbug Computer Club
> Hi Lou
> You have recently made a few web room bookings under the description
> of Humbug Computer Club. 
> We have reviewed this group and it seems that they are an external
> group, not affiliated with UQ. As a result this group needs to apply
> as an external via our room bookings page. Alternatively, if EAIT
> sponsors this group they are able to ask for sponsorship and EAIT will
> need to pay for room hire for this group. If EAIT books the room on
> their behalf, a 50% discount, minus GST will be applied. 
> At this point the bookings will be cancelled until we receive an
> application from the group or advice of sponsorship from EAIT. 

Russell Stuart
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