[H-ADMIN] FW: WB/IT&EESCHL/Humbug Computer Club

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Sun Dec 20 22:40:31 EST 2015

On Mon, 2015-12-21 at 03:18 +0000, Lou Wheeler wrote:
> I have always made this booking for you on the basis that you had some
> affiliation/contacts within the IT&EE School.  Is this not the case?
> If you require a contact there, you need to give me a bit of an idea
> of the group/person you would align with in the School.

Yes, we do.  The club was founded by UQ students (indeed I was one
myself), right now at least one UQ lecturer who posts to out mailing
list, we have UQ students as members (or maybe they are ex UQ students
as of this year) and we have hordes of students volunteer at conferences
we run.

But it's all rather informal, and the people change.  Normally that
isn't a problem - conferences take literally a year to organise, giving
us plenty of time to rebuild the contacts.  Doing so isn't hard because
the club has been around so long it is now a more permanent fixture of
UQ than most of UQ's current staff, so most people have heard of

But this time it is a little different.  We have less than 14 days till
the next meeting, and it's over the Xmas, New year period.

Frankly I don't hold out much hope.  Asking you for a short cut was more
of an act of desperation.  I didn't really expect a result, but if you
don't ask ....

Russell Stuart
+61 438 805 133

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