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Hi Russell

Thanks for this, all makes sense to me.


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> I need to know what your group does and the EAIT connection?  I'm going to be asked this at some point so need to know.

We are a computer club established in 1995 by UQ students, and have met at fortnightly at UQ since that time onwards.  Back when Humbug was formed it was about students exploring various versions of Unix and the Internet.

As time moved on focus has shifted from Unix and the Internet to Open Source.  We are now the Brisbane focal point for Open Source.  We ran Linux Conference Australia in 2011 (http://2011.linux.conf.au/), PyCon Australia 2014 (http://2014.pycon-au.org/ - a conference for the Python Computer language) and will be running PyCon AU 2015.

We encourage student membership of the club, but aren't overly successful in attracting them to meetings.  However we need unpaid volunteers (everyone involved a unpaid volunteer, but we need more than Humbug can provide) to help run the conferences and when we put the word around the local campuses they always turn up - most recently for PyCon.
We could not have run the conferences without them.  We also sponsor students attending these conferences.  For example, we sponsored 2 students from UQ and 2 from QUT (chosen by the relevant faculties) to attend PyCon AU 2014.  (We also offered to sponsor two from Griffith, but they didn't respond in time.)

You can find out more about Humbug at our web site:

Will that suffice Lou?

Russell Stuart
President, Humbug

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