[H-GEN] Memory issues

Steve McLevie swmcl at internode.on.net
Mon Jun 18 22:08:18 UTC 2018

Hello all,

The memory issues are resolved it seems.  Here's how it all happened.

After traveling home from last Sat (2 days ago) I again placed the old
memory into the machine on Sunday just to see if it would fail on
install.  It did so almost immediately.  With the installers (graphical
and text) I'm fairly sure the installer is busy beavering away at things
while you fill in the forms - keyboard, location, username etc.  In
fact, I didn't get to complete my username before it failed.

In the graphical installer a pop-up window appears and says, "The
installer crashed ..."  In the text-installer I think it might just hang
IIRC.  The graphical installer makes no mention of any memory failure
and only speaks of a failed source disk.  This is why I've been so
confused because I've checked the disks so many times !!  My experiences
with computers has not seen a memory problem for many years so it didn't
occur to me that there might be one.  I am not surprised there is a
deficiency in the installer either unfortunately.

I might mention that I've contacted the Chinese supplier (the
manufacturer) and have had no reply concerning a possible warranty ...

New memory was purchased and when I initially placed it into the socket
I got a solid continuous beep on startup so I'm guessing it is the same
situation as Russell's laptop.  Speaking of which, I trust the bootup
issues for Russell have dissipated ?

I've done a couple of different installs since buying the new memory
with each install working without issues.

Thanks again guys for your wisdom and experience.

I am hoping to visit again in 2 weeks time without the computer ...



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