[H-GEN] Is it 'vi' or 'v' 'i'

Ben Fowler ben.fowler.bjf at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 18:53:36 EST 2015

> People, people, people...
> I wasn't looking for a commentary on the shitty editor.
> I just want to know how YOU pronounce its name. This is a straw poll.
> Like the word 'vie'
> or like two letters 'eve-eye'

I never used to care. But then all the saddos and neckbeards at uni told me it had to be ‘vuay’, rather than ‘vee-aye’. 

But then said unreliable people were telling me that Linux was pronounced ‘linix’ rather than ‘lee-nooks’ — despite the big man himself saying “who cares, do what you like”. Smart people are often pragmatic.

Cheers, Ben.

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