[H-GEN] usb foot pedals

Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Dec 13 21:32:45 EST 2012

On Fri, 2012-12-14 at 12:10 +1000, Clinton Roy wrote:
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> Hey folks,
> It's christmas time, and I'm thinking of buying myself a present. As
> I'm an emacs user, a foot pedal has always been on the horizon, to use
> my feet for control, meta, shift etc.
> A keyboard of mine has a hardware beep on the caps lock key, so a
> pedal seems like an easy fix. (Tearing the keyboard open to snip the
> wire looks like an awful lot of work).
> At the moment I'm thinking of a four button Philips model:
> http://www.pcdictate.com/Philips_LFH_2330_USB_Foot_Pedal_Control_p/lfh2330.htm
> Does anyone have any experience with such things?

I've always been tempted by the kinesis ones. The price always holds me
back though:

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