[H-GEN] Hangout at today's Exec meeting

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Thu Dec 13 01:57:55 EST 2012

As the today's Humbug Exec meeting isn't being held in the normal time
and place so attending is a little more difficult that usual, we are
going to try something different.

The Exec Meeting nominally starts at 6:30 PM.  In the 1/2 hour before
that I'm going to start a Google Hangout.  For those who don't know,
Google Hangout is a Google+ feature that sort of works like Skype, but
allows multiple participants.  You have to have a Google+ account to use
it.  It works on just about everything, including my Debian laptop and
my Android phone.

The original plan was to issue invites to everybody who has joined the
Google+ Humbug Community that Donna set up on Tuesday, but it turns out
that is buggy - the invites don't appear but oddly if you have the G+
installed on your phone it rings.  So I will have to issue individual
invites.  You can contact me on any of the multitude of IM channels I
log into to get an invite.  The list of IM channels I'm in is here:
http://www.humbug.org.au/RussellStuart  I will also be on Humbug's IRC

When I issue the invite it will appear in your G+ home page as a link.
You just click on the link to join the Hangout.

On PC's a hangout runs inside of a browser, on a "normal" looking web
page, but it needs a special plugin which it will prompt you for when
you first try to start or join a hangout.  If you are going to do this I
suggest you install the plugin before asking me for an invite, which you
can do by clicking the "Start Hangout" button on the right of the G+
home page.

Russell Stuart
Humbug Secretary

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