[H-GEN] HP DL380 G3

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Wed Feb 9 20:36:19 EST 2011

On 9/02/2011 1:41 PM, Arjen Lentz wrote:
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> Hi Gavin
>> it'd just be something fun for me to mess around with.
>> I'd probably set it up as a home server.
>> [...]
>> It does sound like a very nice machine.
> Being a rack box, you generally don't want it in your home.
> Serious noise is a key factor, followed by power consumption (older rack boxes tend to eat lots) and you can probably come up with a few more reasons of why having these suckers at home is not a brilliant idea.
Some of the rack mount servers, agreed, can be rather noisy and heavy on 
the juice.  The juice consumption is generally related to the HDDs (3.5" 
consume more than 2.5") and crazy power consuming CPUs and RAM.  This 
doesn't hold for all rack mount servers, though.
> Note that I speak from experience. I briefly had a couple of IBM x346 servers at my home office for testing and configuration before shipping them off to a local datacenter. Starting even one was like jet engines during take-off (not surprising, 14 fans in each box).
> So that was a temporary necessity - let not your joy for geek indulgence win in this case ;-)
Speaking also from experience, the HP DL380 G6 and G7 servers are about 
as close as you'll get to silent for a server.  Even for a PC.  I've 
configured a number of these and aside from startup when they do a fan 
ramp test, you'd be hard put hearing any fan noise from them at all.  
They are definitely quieter than my desktop PC running 2 * fanless 
HD4870 video cards, an i7-920 and a Zalman 660W PSU.  There's 8 <44mm 
fans in the DL380 G6.

Also, our DL380G6 in the office chews 136W when running 1 * 5530CPU, 24 
GB RAM, 4 * 146GB 10k SAS and 4 * 500GB 10K SATA HDDs and redundant PSUs.

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