[H-GEN] HP DL380 G3

Daniel Devine devine at ddevnet.net
Tue Feb 8 22:20:41 EST 2011


 I have a HP server that needs a home. Its a good machine for running 
 fake virtualisation on (Paravirtualisation, linux vserver, OpenVZ, 
 Jails). I can let it go for around $120 or free if you are particularly 
 deserving charity/project.

 I haven't seen it for a few months so the specs are as I remember:
 HP DL380 G3
 4GB RAM (lots of space left for more)
 4 x 36GB SCSI
 2 x 3GHz P4 processors
 ILO remote management
 Redundant PSUs.

 If I can get a reply quickly that would be appreciated.

 Daniel Devine

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