[H-GEN] LCA2011 over: back to HUMBUG

Daniel Devine devine at ddevnet.net
Wed Feb 2 00:13:24 EST 2011


 I was just thinking about what a relief it is to have LCA off our 
 Before we got busy with LCA we were concerned with a few things:
  * PLI. I think Russell has done a lot of digging into this, but I am 
 not sure if a solid answer was found.
  * Attracting new blood. Last night I came up with an idea of how to do 
 this. I will probably discuss this at the next meeting.
  * Membership Database. I would love to help finish this off... Can we 
 get this in a more accessible repo?

 Does anybody else have any ideas/thoughts for the next year?

 Daniel Devine

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