[H-GEN] Struggling with an internet connection

Nick Lawrence n1cklawr3nc3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 01:22:01 EST 2011

Hi all,

I've made the shift to Toowoomba, and I've been installed in a unit in
an apartment block.

As part of the accomodation deal, I get free internet access provided
by the apartment building. There is an ethernet port in the wall. So I
am connecting via a normal ethernet cable.

I have brought my linux box to Toowoomba with me, and wanted to
connect to the internet from my unit.

My problem is with the internet speeds. Some websites work, some don't.

I noticed that the websites that seem to be okay are fairly static,
where you just view.

But the websites that don't work are the ones where you are doing some
uploading. For example, I can't get facebook to work, or logon to
yahoo or logon to MSN.

I've done some testing by logging onto ozspeedtest.com. The download
test was all fine, my download speed is comporable to ADSL.

But when I tested the upload speed, the test didn't even complete!

Uploading must not be completely gone though, because I can open gmail
and write and send a message. That counts as uploading?

Also Avahi says that it doesn't like the connection.

"Network service discovery disabled
Your current network has a .local doman, which
is not recommended and incompatible with the
Avahi network service discovery. The service has
been disabled."

I'm not sure what that particular warning means?

What has gone wrong that I can download okay but can't logon to a
website that requires a password?


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