[H-GEN] Nomination for VP and Secretary

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Fri Sep 3 03:16:23 EDT 2010

I would like to put my hand up for both the Secretary position and the Vice President position. While Lca might be a bit of a hard task manager I feel that it is a great opportunity for Humbug to promote itself and for the Exec members to make contacts outside of Humbug that will help us for now and in the future. 

My feeling is that overall this Exec has done a decent job. While we could have done a bit better in promoting Humbug but overall there have been some real improvements in the way we have doing the job. A lot of this stems from Russell's ideas about the way the Exec should work and behave. 

I worked on the room bookings. It was difficult task due to a lack of information,we had about how previous years had managed get room bookings and the contacts that were made with in ITS. Most of the information I'm sure was recorded but has since been lost. That is now documented within the wiki. An issue that I have only just found out about from Russell was the question of insurance. If elected I will make sure to the best of my ability that we do get insurance at a decent cost. That we can keep our room booking. 

Once that hurdle has been jumped over and lca is completed I will begin to see what we can do to make Humbug a place more relevant to students. I would like to see where Clinton's Humbug Meta takes us. I would also like to see the website improved. 

Matthew Franklin 
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