[H-GEN] Looking for a linux laptop

James C. McPherson James.C.McPherson at gmail.com
Mon May 25 21:11:11 EDT 2009

David Seikel wrote:
> That's something I don't use.  Second Life is the important app, and
> it's a memory hog.  1 GB lets me run one instance of it for a long
> time.  Though the most recent version of it, and / or the X that comes
> with Ubuntu 9.04, seems to leak memory faster, meaning 1 GB only lasts
> for 3 or 4 hours of Second Life use.  Without SL running, something
> else is causing X to leak slowly, seeing about 20 MB leak if left
> running over night.  I'm still investigating that.

I guess you could try porting the OpenSolaris libumem to linux
and run SL or X while using it. We've found a heap of memory
allocation bugs using it. Or perhaps electric fence might be useful.

>> Finally, as for 32 applications running on a 64 bit machine -
>> I have not found one I have not been able to make work.  Any
>> Debian based 64-bit distribution comes with a full complement 
>> of 32 libraries which "just work", once you know to install
>> them.  Even if they didn't, just copying a missing 32 bit 
>> library and putting it on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH also works.  On
>> the other hand, I am not sure why you would want to use 64
>> bit on a machine with 3G of memory or less.
> I mentioned 64 bits, since I'm not sure about what percentage of
> systems sold these days are just 64 bits without saying so.  lol

That would be almost of them. Btw, I still find it crazy
that even after so many years of hivemind knowledge about
how to do 64bit kernels and 32bit apps/libs, distro makers
apparently still don't seem to get it right. 

Why would you use 64bit? So firefox can crash harder and faster.
So your uber133t graphics card can mmap() its 1Gb of framebuffer.
To get access to extra registers. I'm sure there are other reasons.

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